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Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center
2020 Virtual Members’ Show

July 10 – August 28

Bob Oller, Judge

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Congratulations to the
2020 Virtual Members’ Show Award Winners!

Special thanks to Judge Bob Oller for his comments on each award!

FIRST PLACEGiven by John B. Purcell, Jr.
JUNE SKALAK, Thanking Mother Earth
"Clean complex pallet with wonderful definition of edge and composition that moves you thru this piece. Love the leading lines and curves that seem to capture your eye, leading it though defining this piece… Delightful. "

SECOND PLACEGiven by Apryl Altman, Karen Schwartz & Janis Wood
NANCY LENZ HARVEY, Once Upon a Time...
"Your selection of what you captured, your cropping of the subject is delightful. The composition and movement delivers not only the story but engages the viewer. This rendering, the brush work and subtle details, I loved it! "

THIRD PLACEGiven by John B. Purcell, Jr.
MAGGIE GILMAN, Oaxaca Meat Hall
"Capturing a moment is so difficult. Then you wonderfully found an exceptional composition, perfect use of light, balance of tension and mood, depth, engagement, and images that unfold continually. "

TS ABBOTT, Alfred Regan Place
"Light, Depth, Movement and and a sense of place and life is captured in this piece. Congratulations. "
     Merit Award Given by Linda Baker In Memory of Michael Kirby

APRYL ALTMAN, After the Rain
"This piece moves past the media to deliver a sense of being there. There is a mood in the light, so hard to capture. Thank you. "
     Merit Award Given by Linda Baker In Memory of Michael Kirby

"Abstract delivering a presence of depth, movement of light, simple power and spark. Congratulations! "
     Merit Award Given by Cindy May In Honor of Sue & John Donaldson and In Memory of Michael Kirby

BOB CARLSON, Cathedral Ceiling, DCA
"Significate piece to attempt. Simplicity though monumental detail. Had the opportunity to be over-powered but you handle this exceptionally well. Wonderful. "
     Merit Award Given by Keith & Chuck Dubois

"Ascending light captured here, pushes you past the painting into responding. Your focus to achieving the story makes this piece. So Enjoyed. "
     Merit Award Given by A Fellow Painter

"Movement of the body and light delivered this piece. You maintained a focus on her relaxed gaze past us. So Well Done. "
     Merit Award Given by Doris Roland In Memory of Earnest Lee Stevenson

CHARLES DUBOIS, Abandoned Old White Barn
"Once again you delivered classic light, wonderful washes, perfect values… In a style of your own… consistent exceptionally wonderful. Love the rust color that ties this piece together. So clean. "
     Merit Award Given by George & Patricia Rublein In Honor of Carlton Abbott, A Founding Member

"Bold movements and harmony of the colors and values delivers a balanced moving piece. Confident and strong. Love it. "
     Merit Award Given by Karen Schwartz In Memory of Fred Miller

"Simple composition and complex components, demonstrates a wonderful confidence in discernment of color values and detail. Wonderfully simple approach. "
     Merit Award Given by June Skalak In Memory of Dorothy Grebos


"When works pass the edge of the media the artist is seen. This piece exceeds watercolors and plays in movement, light and memories. The detail within this piece continues to bring back the viewer.  It’s exceptional. "

GINGER OLANSEN, Sunflowers Galore
"Bold, full piece with a light play of subject. The soft delivery of distant leaves and density of the flowers plays off the lower section of flowers stems and foliage. "