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Stan Belback      https://stanbelbackphotography.smugmug.com/
Suzanne Berthier      www.suzanneberthierartllc.com
Suzanne Berthier      www.suzanne-berthier.pixels.com
Joan Bevelaqua      www.joanbevelaqua.com
Mary Buenting      www.marybuenting.com
Bob Carlson      www.bobcarlsonart.net
Connie Desaulniers      www.moonshadow.design
Linda Dessaint      www.LindaDessaint.com
Barry K. Hood      www.yorkcounty.gov/cyc
10  P. Carter Hood      www.yorkcounty.gov/cyc
11  Michael Jones      www.magicbearart.com
12  Juliet Kirby      juliet_kirby/
13  Jeanne Kouhestani      www.jeannekouhestaniart.com
14  Anne Kushnick      www.ackstudios.com
15  Judy Leasure      http://www.jalstudios.com
16  Bob Leek      www.clayart.weebly.com
17  Sue Maida      www.suemaidaphotography.com
18  Caroline Maryan      www.carolinemaryan.com
19  Carole Harrison Miles      carole_harrison_miles/
20  Catherine Minga      www.catherineminga.com
21  Monica Schauffler      www.schaufflerart.com
22  Amy Schwartz      www.amypotter.com
23  Karen Schwartz      www.karenschwartzart.com
24  Elizabeth Shumate      https://www.facebook.com/Creations-by-e-b-shumate-328387184011353
25  Mary Montague Sikes      www.montisikes.com
26  June Skalak      www.juneskalak.artspan.com
27  Priscilla Stultz      www.priscillastultz.net
28  Bill White      https://www.wmwhite.com/
29  Dianna Woolley      www.diannawoolley.com
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WCAC Artist Members are eligible to be listed on the WCAC Member Artists Web Gallery page.

There is an annual web fee of $10 per artist to link from the Web Gallery to the artist’s personal ART Website. Only one link per artist may be listed.

Contact Karen Schwartz, WCAC Membership Chair, membership@visitWCAC.net, if you have questions about the WCAC Member Artists Web Gallery page.

*WEB FEES are required only if you wish to be listed on the WCAC Member Artists’ Web Gallery page. You may still exhibit in the Members’ Gallery and you may participate in the Annual Members’ Show regardless of whether you choose to list on the Member Artists’ Web Gallery page.