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adult CLASSES – Spring 2019

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Fundamentals of Drawing - Beginners & Intermediate - Ongoing
   ASP-288-ASP  Every Monday
         Location: WCAC - 110 Westover Avenue
            Times: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
            Course Fee: Non-Members $    Members $

Instructor: Richard Corwin

*Course Fee: 
Members: $35 per class or $150 for 5 classes
Non-members: $40 per class or $175 for five classes

Drawing is both an art in itself and a tool used in painting. Students will learn how to capture the likeness of an object and use light and shading to make objects appear three dimensional, as well as learn the rules of perspective. The class will include some human anatomy (NO nude models) and still life arrangements. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. ALL LEVELS WELCOME. This course is ongoing and open to both mature teenagers and adults.

How this works: You may purchase one class at a time, or a group of 5 classes (best deal), but you must attend your class or classes within eight weeks of purchase.  This spread of time allows for individual travel interruptions or other personal issues during the eight-week period.  

How to enroll: Richard Corwin is a WCAC sanctioned independent contractor and will book your class, or group of classes himself.  If you are interested in attending, please contact him at either (757) 707-8860 or corwinshome@yahoo.com.  Once Richard confirms availability for your class or classes, you will need to pay him directly either by cash or check – no credit cards accepted.  He will give you a receipt which he will also file with WCAC.  WCAC will not book these classes or accept payments for them. However, if you have any questions, please contact Cary Garnet at (757) 229-4949 or Janis Wood at (757) 220-2217.

Supply List

*graphite pencils
*good erasers preferably plastic and/or kneaded
*small pencil sharpener,
*sketch pad minimum 5x7 - the larger the better

Richard taught fine arts at the Warwick Art College in Hampton Virginia, the USO at Fort Eustis Virginia and at several private schools. He has owned and operated a gallery and art school in Florida and has exhibited his work in numerous galleries and exhibitions.

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Painting with the Instructor
   ASP-162-ASP  3/20, 3/27, 4/3
         Location: WCAC - 110 Westover Avenue
            Times: 9:00 - 11:00 am
            Course Fee: Non-Members $120.00    Members $105.00

Instructor: Elizabeth Greaf

Learn how to use the basics of watercolor in a painting.  Prior to the class, the instructor will e-mail a copy of a landscape photograph to students. That photo and scene will be the subject for this 3 session class. 

The instructor will take you step-by-step, from start to finish, through the painting. Using this image, she will teach you to utilize the basics of watercolor in a painting.  She will demonstrate each step of the process before you try it, and give you careful instructions while you are working on your version.   

Prior to the first class, be sure to print out the photo that Elizabeth emails to you.  Upon your enrollment, she will send you a supply/materials list and her contact information. 

Continuing Watercolor - Painting From Your Own Photo
   ASP-299-ASP  4/17, 4/24 and 5/1
         Location: WCAC - 110 Westover Avenue
            Times: 9:00 - 11:00 am
            Course Fee: Non-Members $120.00    Members $105.00

Instructor: Elizabeth Greaf

Now it's time for you to select one of your own photos and begin painting your own subjects.  Please do not use someone else's photo from a magazine, etc. They are copyrighted and not legal to use unless you have the copyright holder's written permission.  It is also more rewarding to work from a photo scene that is personal to you. 

Prior to the first class, please complete the drawing/s from your own photo in your sketch pad.  The instructor will work with students individually as you progress from your drawing through the development of your painting. She will help you plan your approach to your painting, make paint color choices, and decide where to use mask, etc. 

Class I: Getting the drawing right. Please bring the drawing/s you completed and your sketch pad.  Elizabeth will critique you while you work on getting your drawing sized correctly for your watercolor paper. She will also help you plan the process for doing your painting.

Classes II and III: You will continue to work on your painting at your own pace.  Elizabeth will provide guidance and support during this process.

Throughout this series, feel free to listen to instruction given to other students - it may be very useful.  Elizabeth will stop as needed to demonstrate painting techniques to address issues encountered while working with students. You will find both Elizabeth and your fellow students supportive as you work through the stages of learning how to paint in watercolor.

Materials:  Upon enrollment, you will receive an email with the materials necessary to complete this series.

Continuing Watercolor
   ASP-250-1  5/8, 5/15, 5/22
         Location: WCAC - 110 Westover Avenue
            Times: 9:00 - 11:00 am
            Course Fee: Non-Members $120.00    Members $105.00

Instructor: Elizabeth Greaf

This class is given in a series of three 2-hr. sessions and will be repeated throughout the year.  It is the perfect class for those with some watercolor experience - at least an introductory class about watercolor materials and basic painting techniques.  It is also good for those who want to work with the same instructor, and sometimes the same supportive group of students.  It is a very interactive experience.

In this class, you will paint from your own photographs, and work as a group and individually while you develop your skills.  Elizabeth will help you plan your approach to your painting, guide you on your initial drawing/s, and advise and demonstrate as you move through the different aspects of your painting. She may use a session for concentrated lessons on certain aspects of drawing and painting. When working with one student, all are invited to listen and ask questions to expand the learning opportunities.  

Supplies: You will receive a materials list when you enroll.  If you have questions about the list, contact Elizabeth at 516.383.1137, or artbyeliz@gmail.com.

How to enroll: Download the registration form from this website and mail it and payment to WCAC, P.O. Box 388, Williamsburg, VA 23187.  Or, drop by the Art Center at 110 Westover Ave. during business hours.  Questions/Enroll by phone: Call Cary Garnet at 757.229.4949.  To ensure enrollment, please register and pay no later than 3 days prior to first class date.


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