Fall 2019

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Series 3: Continuing Watercolor
   AF-291-  11/6, 11/13, 11/20
         Location: WCAC - 110 Westover Avenue
            Times: 9:00 - 11:00 am
            Course Fee: Non-Members $120.00
            Members $105.00

Instructor: Elizabeth Greaf

This is a small class for people who have some experience with watercolor, preferably at least an introductory class about watercolor materials and the basics of painting in watercolor.  In this class, you will be doing paintings from your own photographs.  The instructor will work with students as a group and individually to help further develop your skills.  She will help you plan your approach to your painting, give guidance on the drawing you are starting with, and advise and demonstrate aspects of the painting where your need her help.  When needed, she’ll use a class session for a concentrated lesson on some aspect of drawing/painting.  When she is working with one student, all are welcome to listen and ask questions as they offer a learning opportunity to all.  

This class is good for students who are working to improve their painting skills, and they often enroll continuously.  Students not only find the instructor’s help valuable, but also that taking a class with the same group of people creates an excellent support group.

Materials: Get your materials list when you enroll.  If you have questions about items on the materials list, contact instructor for information at 516 383-1137 or artbyeliz@gmail.com.

The class is given in a series of three two hours sessions.  There is usually a break between classes.