Fall 2020

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Introduction to Watercolor
   AF-297-9-20  09/9, 23, 30
         Location: Virtual Class using Zoom
            Times: 1:00-3:00 p.m.
            Course Fee:
            Members $105.00             Non-Members $120.00

Instructor: Elizabeth Greaf

Do Not Purchase Supplies until after the first class.  There is a week’s break between the first and 2nd class to give you time to order supplies.  You will learn about supplies at the first class.  Then you’ll be able to understand how to select materials that will work best for you.


Week #1   Introduction to difference between watercolor and other paints  

Transparent, Glazes, Whites

Introduction to watercolor materials  (in-depth discussion).

   (Need only pencil and paper for notes this week.)

 Week #2   Introduction to painting techniques

wet in wet / wet in dry, techniques.

This week you need paper, round brush, one or two paint colors,water containers, paper towels, pencil, and a palette.

Week #3   Use techniques in still life

Gala Apple - Bartlett Pear (with red blush on part of it) – Purple eggplant
Do not substitute any other type of fruit or color of eggplant from those shown here.  Must have fresh, live, uncut Gala Apple, Bartlett Pear and all-purple eggplant for strokes planned in this lesson.

                                    You now need all materials on list.

How to Enroll:  Contact Janis Wood at  757-220-2217 to register and make payment.  For questions, contact Judy Leasure, Art Ed Coordinator, at leasure.judy@gmail.com or 757-941-4668.