Fall 2021

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Introduction to Watercolor Workshop 10-21
   AF-374-10-21  October 16
          Location: WCAC Art Education Center and Virtual over Zoom
          Times: 9:00 - 4:00
            Course Fee:
            Members $125.00             Non-Members $140.00

Instructor: Elizabeth Greaf

Learn about the materials, the basic strokes, how and when to paint on wet and on dry paper, and how to create artwork in watercolor.  Students will build skills regarding what they hear and see, not only by trying the basics as they are demonstrated, but also by painting a simple still life.  The workshop day is divided into three parts (similar to the series of three regular introductory classes that are offered).  This workshop is taught by discussion, demonstration, and your own watercolor experiences in the workshop.  There will be a break for lunch.


Elizabeth Greaf is a highly experienced instructor of watercolor and related art skills such as drawing and color theory.  She is a professional artist, creating landscapes in both watercolor and oil. 


Note: If you register by September 15, you will have the economical option of purchasing the necessary art supplies from the instructor.  If you request it at that time, the instructor will set up adequate materials and equipment for you to get through the one day workshop and continue painting for a while until you have to purchase additional materials.  Materials Fee is $55 payable to Elizabeth Greaf.  If you prefer to directly purchase the full materials list, please review information on selection and sources that she will email to once you’ve registered to take the workshop.  This information is essential to acquiring materials that will give you a good start in watercolor. 

Enrollment Deadline & How to Enroll:  Contact Michael Jones, Art Center Manager, by October 14 at (757) 229-4949 or visitwcac@gmail.com to register and make payment.  For questions, contact Judy Leasure, Art Ed Coordinator, at leasure.judy@gmail.com or 757-941-4668.