Spring 2021

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Introduction to Natural Dye
   ASP-349-01-21  01/24, 01/31
         Location: Virtual Class using Zoom
            Times: 2:00-4:00
            Course Fee:
            Members $50             Non-Members $60

Instructor: Arden Shostak

This class is an introduction to the process of using the natural colors of plants in your backyard or items in your kitchen to dye yarn of fabric.  After this class, you will have the knowledge and tools you need to explore this craft.  Natural dye allows crafters to combine art, botany, and a little bit of chemistry to create something totally unique.  There will also be a discussion of fiber types, drop spindale spinning, local dye plants, planting a dye garden, the history of natural dyes and experimental dye techniques.  The first session of the class will be a lecture.  The second session will be a guided dying activity in which students will follow along at home with the demo and complete their own project.

Upon registering, you will be contacted by the instructor.  She will send you a supply list of materials that meet the requirements for a successful project and sources for purchasing.  Since Arden lives in Rhode Island, it is important to register for this exciting class early so you have time to get the materials.

How to Enroll:  Contact Janis Wood at  757-220-2217 to register and make payment.  For questions, contact Judy Leasure, Art Ed Coordinator, at leasure.judy@gmail.com or 757-941-4668.