Spring 2023

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Painting with the Instructor 03-23
   ASP-430-03-23  March 14, 21, and 28
          Location: WCAC - 110 Westover Avenue
          Times: 12:30-2:30
            Course Fee:
            Members $105.00             Non-Members $120.00

Instructor: Elizabeth Greaf

Now that you’ve had a series of introductory classes, learn how to use those basics of watercolor in a painting.  The instructor will e-mail a copy of a photograph to students prior to class.  That scene will be the subject for this 3 session class.  She will take you step by step, from start to finish of the painting, based on the photo, to teach you to utilize the basics of watercolor in a painting.  Each step will be demonstrated, accompanied with careful instruction, then you will try it.  Be sure to print out a copy of the photo for your reference during class.  Get materials list when you enroll.  Contact instructor if you need more information.  516 383-1137  artbyeliz@gmail.com

Enrollment Deadline & How to Enroll:  Contact Michael Jones, Art Center Manager, by March 10 at (757) 229-4949 or visitwcac@gmail.com to register and make payment.  For questions, contact Judy Leasure, Art Ed Coordinator, at leasure.judy@gmail.com or 757-941-4668.