Summer 2021

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Introduction to Watercolor 007-21
   ASU-363-07-21  July 13, 20, and 27
         Location: Virtual Class Using ZOOM - Link will be sent via E-Mail
            Times: 12:30-2:30
            Course Fee:
            Members $105.00             Non-Members $120.00

Instructor: Elizabeth Greaf

In three sessions you will learn about watercolor materials, basics of using watercolor, and how to create a simple still life painting. You will end with enough insight to begin to paint simple scenes on your own or feel comfortable in early watercolor classes.  If you've been away from painting for a while, this class can refresh your skills and help you get back into it.


The first session will teach you about watercolor materials. Please wait to get your supplies after this class.  Bring only pencil and paper to the first session (for notes).


Wednesday, July 13, 2021   12:30  – 2:30  

Session One   Watercolor materials, how to choose them, how they work

You need to understand how to select paint, paper, and brushes in order to have tools that will let you achieve your goals in painting.  I've provided a simplified materials list and suggested brands and sources of these materials.  Please order them in time to be prepared for this class.  You'll learn why these selections are important and be able to make good decisions as you add materials.


Wednesday, July 20, 2021   12:30  – 2:30  

Session Two     Watercolor techniques, basic strokes and techniques

When should the paper be dry, when should it be wet?  How can I use my brush to create the image that I want to make?  What other tools can I use to create images?  How do I "paint" white shapes since I don't use white paint in watercolor?  Demonstration and exercises will help you learn about working with watercolor, it's materials, and equipment to achieve your painting goals.


Wednesday, July 27, 2021   12:30  – 2:30  

Session Three  Create a simple watercolor still life painting.

You will create a simple painting that will utilize many of the materials and techniques that were discussed in earlier sessions.  This will give you the opportunity to reinforce what you have learned by trying the techniques in an actual painting.  We will work from specific still life items in a setup for your subject.  These items have been chosen to enable you to use a wide variety of the basic techniques.  You will need to bring a small purple eggplant, a nicely striped Gala apple, and a Bartlett pear to class for your subject

How to Enroll:  Contact Janis Wood at 757-220-2217 to register and make payment.  For questions, contact Judy Leasure, Art Ed Coordinator, at or 757-941-4668.