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Christian Michael Brahe   |   Carol Lindsay Carter   |   Morgan Richardson

Bruton High School

I am blessed with a talent for art. I have always loved to draw, even when I was little. I spent hours sketching on my bedroom floor. When I ran out of room, I extended my palette into the streets with sidewalk chalks for more creative space. The earliest illustrations were of my father's helicopters and other vintage aircraft that flew over our house in California. Pencil drawings expanded into colored comics. Family and friends were so amused by the strips, they requested a follow-up for every special occasion. The story boards often featured my father's farcical adventures as a heroic aviator, based on his military deployments to distant lands.Christian Brahe, Linoleum Cut Christian Brahe, Conte Drawing
Art is universal although unspoken. It is the bond between the artist and the observer. There is freedom, not only in how the artist sees, creates, and expresses himself or herself in a composition, but also in how the observer perceives and interprets a piece of art. If any of my work evokes some sense of emotion from the viewer, then we would have made a connection.
I look forward to developing my artistic skills in college. I have great love for art, history, and museums. As a young boy, I was inspired by the way historical artifacts were displayed in the Smithsonian and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My dream is to be able to study and care for historical treasures. In order to realize that dream, I will begin my art studies in college in the fall. During my junior year, I would like to study abroad. Upon earning my bachelor's degree, I plan to continue my education by working toward a master's degree in museum studies. I want to be involved in art all of my life because there's nothing else I'd rather do.

Lafayette High School

My art is what I like. It is all the parts of me that can be made visual. It is meant to be looked at. It is not meant to be over-analyzed or searched for some deeper meaning to be found. It is simply what I like to look at. It is focused, and particularly detailed whenever possible. I always try to keep it balanced as well, particularly with color. It is a little different, sometimes a little obvious, but never so deep, so over thought, that is frustrating to understand. My art is not particularly dark or bright, funny nor serious. It just is.
Carol Lindsay Carter, Paco Carol Lindsay Carter, Halloween In my life I want to make things make sense. I want my art to make things logical and easy on the eyes. I don't want to do artwork so complicated or confusing that it hurts to look at it. I want to be a graphic designer. I want to help companies create merchandise or products, whether it is menus or magazines or posters that grab people's attention. I want to help make the meals look more appetizing, and make the company look more professional. I want my artwork to make people want something, or should I say, inspire some feeling in them, preferably a passion to do something else. A few years ago a poster simply inspired me to work with all I've got to get into the Savannah College of Art & Design, and now I've done it. I want to do the same and provide the same service for everybody else.
In the past year I have been taking a very creative and loose art class aimed at creating the best portfolios of artwork that we can as high schoolers to prepare us for college and to use art in our lives and careers. In my AP Portfolio class, I have worked over time on many different projects from printmaking with plexiglas and rubber carvings, paintings, drawings, and digital photography. I feel like my favorite project of all has been actually building my portfolio of digital photography based on the concentration of "I am not enough," and displaying symbols of different reasons why a young girl or person in general might not feel they are enough of something, whether it would be tall, mature, rich, composed, noticed, or even pure enough to be the epitome of perfection that every girl has at least once in their life wanted to attain.
Lafayette High School

My teacher once read me a quote that stated, "Art is the life energy of the soul" and for me, I believe that is very true. Everyone has their own outlet for stress, their own way of coping with situations, their own view of happiness. For me, all of those things lie in a camera and a blank roll of film.
I took my first real photography class in the first semester of my sophomore year and came away from it with more than I could have ever imagined. My teacher, Mrs. Leek, took my hobby of snapping photos of my friends and morphed it into a passion for the beauty and art you can only find in a photograph. She took my eye for "Kodak moments" and turned it towards alluring composition and eye-catching contrast. From then on I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. The assignment that had the most affect on me and my style was the portrait assignment. The class was to photograph people with or without props and to capture some aspect of their personality. People have always been my favorite subject because of their versatility and ability to show a range of emotions. This assignment helped me to find myself as a photographer and begin to really understand my own style.
When I first entered high school, like all other freshmen, I didn't have any one thing that defined who I was. It came easily to all of my friends to find what it was that helped to encompass who they were. They all dove into sports, academics, or theater while I still struggled to find what it was that I was good at. When I found my place in the diverse world of art, I felt like I had found where I belong. I t helped me to be comfortable with myself in a place where being your own person can often become difficult. I fell in love with the dedication artists possessed for their work, the teachers, and the way they understood their students and taught like human beings, not well-oiled robots. I fell in love with the freedom of expression, and the ability to produce extraordinary beauty.
This coming fall I am leaving my home in Williamsburg and venturing out to Savanna Georgia in hopes of furthering my knowledge of photography and becoming a successful artist. I hope my experiences and studies there will prepare me to accomplish my goal of living in New York and becoming a fashion photographer.

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